Welcome to my campaign for re-election!

I am grateful for being able to serve my first three year term on the Siletz Tribal Council. That accomplishment was only made possible because of those that voted for me. I want to continue this journey and be of service to the Tribal membership as a whole.

I cast my votes as one of nine Tribal Council members to do the right thing for the Tribe which is not always the easy thing. I strive to keep the membership informed of what is available and happening. I am open to hearing concerns from staff and Tribal members to bring them forward for discussion.

Assisting Tribal members and being able to be part of moving the Tribe forward is my passion. I am asking for your vote so that I can continue the important work of the Tribal Council.

I hope and pray we will find balance in the new “normal” so we can celebrate the new year with the return of Tribal events and activities! Wishing the best for all of us in 2021!

Keep updated with my posts, the Campaign and Election process: