Candidate for the 2021 Tribal Council Election

With the changes as a result of COVID-19, it is a different environment this time as I announce my candidacy as a Tribal Council Member for the 2021 Siletz Tribal Election. I will complete my first three year term on February 5, 2021. I am asking for you to cast your vote for me when you fill out your ballot. I would also ask you to encourage your Tribal family members and fellow Tribal members to vote as well. Be sure to check out the raffle I am sponsoring, there is no cost to enter – participation in the campaign process is required.

Currently as the youngest Tribal Council member, I bring a different perspective to the Tribal Council. As a full-time line staff member of the Tribe, I see the work environment of the Siletz Tribe from a different perspective. With a wide variety of relationships and acquaintances with the Tribal membership, I am approachable and relatable to talk to. Whenever possible I offer solutions and potential actions to those that ask me for help. When I can’t help directly – I do what I can to effect change at the Tribal Council level.

With my 21+ years of working in Indian Country providing direct services to clients and Tribal members, I have a vast knowledge of Tribal services, Programs and benefits. The majority of the time I work my full-time job without using leave so as to not cause disruption in providing assistance and information to the Tribal membership and put in 10-20 hours or more a week for Tribal Council. I do this out of dedication to serving others. I come from a family that has always placed a high regard in being of service.

If you would like me to continue serving you and the Tribal membership, be sure to vote for me on your ballot and return it as soon as you can. The mail system is delayed at times and your ballot must be with the Election Board on Election Day – the postmark does not count.

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