Siletz Tribal Council Election Dates & Timeline

Tribal Elections is where EVERY single vote counts. In 2018, when I was elected I came in 3rd thereby winning a seat and was only five (5) votes ahead of the runner up! I need every single vote possible to keep my seat on Tribal Council.

It is important to watch the mail for Election materials. The Voters Pamphlet and Ballot should arrive in your mail shortly after 12/11/2020. Please make sure to complete your ballot as quickly as possible and mail it back to meet the deadline for absentee voting! Your vote COUNTS!

If you have not voted in a Tribal Election before, be sure to complete a Voter’s Registration card ASAP by calling the Tribal Election Board at (800) 922-1399 to have one mailed to you so you can get the Election materials.

If you are able to be in Siletz on Election Day (02/06/2021) the in-person voting polls are open from 10AM – 4PM at the Siletz Community Center. You can still vote at the polls if you cannot register by 01/29/2021, the last day to get an absentee ballot sent to you. If you live in Lincoln County and will need a ride to go to the in-person poll on 2/06/2021, reach out by phone or email and I will make sure you get there. Below is the timeline of all the important dates in the Election process.

The Tribe has a little over 4,000 eligible voters but only just over 2,500 are registered to vote. In the last Election (2020) there were only 822 people that voted, that is a 32.2% voter turnout of registered voters and 20.1% of eligible voters. I would love to see the number of registered voters and the voter turnout of registered voters both increase to at least 50% this year.

12/09/2020 @ 4PM: Posting of Certified List of Candidates

12/11/2020 – 12/12/2020: Voter’s Pamphlet mailed out

12/14/2020 – 12/15/2020: Absentee (mail-in) ballots mailed out

01/09/2021, 9AM-Noon: Candidate’s Fair – location to be determined

01/29/2021, 4PM: Last day to request an Absentee (mail-in) ballot

02/06/2021, 4PM: Deadline for returning Absentee ballot

02/06/2021, 10AM-4PM, Voting Polls Open, vote in-person at the Siletz Tribal Community Center. Must have photo ID. If you are not registered to vote, you can still vote in person that day.

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