Response to Election Board Letter

Some people will not even know what the Election Board’s letter is that they will soon, if not already, be getting in the mail is about.

Letter from the Election Board mailed to all 4000+ eligible voters

Since Celesta and I could not afford to spend over $2,000 in postage costs we mailed 1,000 postcards. All of our campaign costs are our own; we have not asked others to pitch in on the costs. So not everyone that gets the Election Board’s letter will even know about the postcards and what the insert said to understand what all of this means. We mailed brightly colored 5×7 envelopes to some people we knew, people that had multiple family at the same address and just pulled labels at random. We did a small amount of door to door distribution in Siletz and the apartments in Lincoln City; the weather has not been cooperative to finish. But we will be finish, minus the additional statement insert.

Below is the written response we sent jointly after we received official notice as candidates on December 30,2020 after the Election Board’s letter was already posted on the Tribal website.

Our written response to the Election Board

As a result of this issue, the Raffle has been cancelled and the 14 participants have been notified by email. One participant called me and said she did not think to enter the raffle she had to vote for me. The raffle had no negative impact on the election. However, the letter from Election Board has now made an impact!

Celesta’s postcard from the mail out
My postcards from the mail out
The 5”x7” card that was included with the postcards

Celesta posted her apology to the Tribal membership on the “unofficial” Siletz Tribal member Facebook page and her personal Facebook page. You can search for her Facebook page as “Celesta Lee (squeak)” if you are not already friends with her.

I have posted my video response on my Angela4Siletz Facebook page.

Below are the Tribal Council Election Rules approved on 10/16/2020 by Tribal Resolution 2020-345 and a link to the Election Ordinance.

Tribal Council Election Rules – Page 1 of 3
Tribal Council Election Rules – Page 2 of 3
Tribal Council Election Rules – Page 3 of 3
The text from the raffle page on how to enter… now cancelled… but for those that did not see the page previously these were the guideline for the raffle.

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