Petition Received By Tribal Court; Tuesday 1/05/2021

Celesta and I have filed a joint Petition to Tribal Court to request an expedited hearing, ruling, and request for injunction. It is case number TC 21-01 and hopefully we will have court by the end of the work week.

Below are the links to the full documents if you would like to read it as this record is public information.

Thank you from both Celesta & I for the emails, messages, comments, public statements of support and phone calls. I appreciate hearing from the membership that want to know from me personally the details and to have a conversation. This is not the ideal reason for people to become engaged in the election process, however I anticipate an increase in voter turnout & overall Tribal participation.

If you plan to submit questions for the Candidate’s Fair the deadline is tomorrow, 1/06/2021 by 4:30pm. Email the questions to – also to request the access code.

I hope the first few days of 2021 have been a fresh start with positive things to come for everyone!

#StaySafe #FindTheSilverLining #WhatIsRightIsRight

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