Judge rules in favor of injunction!!

Fantastic news! The judge has ruled in our favor with an order of injunction. Celesta and I will be participating in the Candidates Fair! I hope you have requested your login to the Zoom meeting and you will be able to hear from all the Candidates.

“IT IS THE ORDER OF THIS COURT that the request for Injunction is granted, restraining the Election Board from prohibiting the candidates participation in the candidates fair scheduled for January 9, 2021. Petitioners/Appellants are allowed to participate in the candidates fair.

A hearing will be scheduled to address the merits of the case, as soon as one can be scheduled.

SO ORDERED this 7th day of January 2021.”

The links below are to the reply brief we submitted early this morning and the Court’s order if you would like to see the full records.

2 Comments on “Judge rules in favor of injunction!!

    • Why did Craig Dorsey interfere in our election in opposition to Angela and Celeste? He’s supposed to be working for the whole tribe, not for the Election Board or select members of the Tribal Council who are competing for votes against Angela and Celesta.


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