Campaign Trail

I remember growing up in Wilsonville, Oregon and it was National election time. I must have been around 8-10 years old or so. We seemed to have papers stuck by the door knob when we came home everyday and strangers coming to the door after dinner. I remember going to the door with mom once and there was a man there talking. Not really sure what he talked about, I just remember thinking to myself , “Hey, that is the guy they keep showing on tv.” Still not sure who he was – he must not of been who mom was going to vote for because she shut the door pretty quickly.

That has stuck with me for 35+ years; that when people wanted someone to vote for them; they used to go out and talk to the people. The Candidate went out to introduce themselves, share their platform/views and listen to people’s concerns. This campaign run I want to do the same.

In addition to the raffle to hear about concerns and goals from the membership I will be going door to door in Lincoln County as well as other Tribal homes within the service area. I also want to meet people outside of the service area. The plan is to go to the Southern Oregon and Northern California coastal areas shortly after the New Year. If you live in those areas and want more information about the dates and times, message me.

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