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Judge rules in favor of injunction!!

Fantastic news! The judge has ruled in our favor with an order of injunction. Celesta and I will be participating in the Candidates Fair! I hope you have requested your login to the Zoom meeting and you will be able to hear from all the Candidates. “IT IS THE ORDER OF THIS COURT that the… Read More

Response to Election Board Letter

Some people will not even know what the Election Board’s letter is that they will soon, if not already, be getting in the mail is about. Since Celesta and I could not afford to spend over $2,000 in postage costs we mailed 1,000 postcards. All of our campaign costs are our own; we have not… Read More

Notice: Raffle Cancelled

I am sad to say Celesta and I have made the decision to cancel the raffle due to a claim that we were doing the raffle to pay for votes. That was never the intention! The purpose of the raffle was to increase Tribal voter turnout. This is a common Tribal practice to get more… Read More

Tribal Member Outreach and Social Media

The Tribe has always been a part of my life. It started with my mom driving to my grandparents house each weekend from Wilsonville when I was little, attending pow wows for as long as I can remember, attending General Council meetings with my mom and then as an adult on my own, volunteering for… Read More

A Career in Indian Country

For over 21 years… I have always done my best during my employment in Indian Country, with the Tribe and as a Tribal Council Member to assist the membership. I believe what is fair for one person, is fair for all. If I am re-elected to the Tribal Council I will continue my working career… Read More

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