I am sad to say Celesta and I have made the decision to cancel the raffle due to a claim that we were doing the raffle to pay for votes. That was never the intention! The purpose of the raffle was to increase Tribal voter turnout. This is a common Tribal practice to get more involvement in various Tribal activities, events and projects. I am posting a video today that will give… Read More

Tribal Elections is where EVERY single vote counts. In 2018, when I was elected I came in 3rd thereby winning a seat and was only five (5) votes ahead of the runner up! I need every single vote possible to keep my seat on Tribal Council. It is important to watch the mail for Election materials. The Voters Pamphlet and Ballot should arrive in your mail shortly after 12/11/2020. Please make sure… Read More

With the changes as a result of COVID-19, it is a different environment this time as I announce my candidacy as a Tribal Council Member for the 2021 Siletz Tribal Election. I will complete my first three year term on February 5, 2021. I am asking for you to cast your vote for me when you fill out your ballot. I would also ask you to encourage your Tribal family members and… Read More